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Founded in 2015, Prison Families Aftercare was born out of the personal experience of our founder, Clay Rojas, who was separated from his family for three years while in federal prison.  Clay was set free and he made a vow to God and himself that upon his release he would spend his life preventing prison for as many young people as possible. Today he is reunited with his family and he thrives as a father and husband to the wife who waited for him.

Our message at Prison Families Aftercare has reached hundreds of youth at juvenile detention facilities, group homes, the California National Guard Challenge Program, youth groups and the California Youth Authority.


The United States school-to-prison link or school-to-prison pipeline is a metaphor used to describe the increasing patterns of contact students have with the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems as a result of the recent practices implemented by educational institutions, and zero tolerance policies and the use of police in schools. The metaphor is currently a hot topic of debate in discussions surrounding educational disciplinary policies as media coverage of youth violence and mass incarceration has grown over the past decade or so.


To empower young people to exit the “school to prison pipeline”, through innovative and creative education. Through the art of music and storytelling, we challenge youth and their every status quo. We present a call to action to every young person to be the future of our country.


Our vision is to see the “ school- to-prison pipeline” destroyed by depleting it of its most precious resource: Our Youth.


We use music and the story of everyday champions to bring our message to young hearts and minds. We put love in every verse, lyric and story. Our music artists are activists, renowned music artists, mentors and the new breed of youth leaders. This presentation is not your everyday boring speech. It is raw, unconventional and very powerful.

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