Prison Families: The Documentary

For almost every one of the  2.5 million prisoners currently in the U.S., there is a broken family left behind.

These families, missing mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, come from all walks of life. Furthermore, they are left largely unmentioned and unsupported, a growing number living silently in pain and confusion. Prison Families gives these people a voice, unveiling real life stories about how mass incarceration impacts our communities and economy.

Once completed, NO ONE will ever pay to watch this film. It will be available via download or DVD to ANYONE who needs hope and inspiration due to the loss of a family member to prison. The film will also be FREE to social services, non profits, and faith based organizations working with families of prisoners.

Your financial support will provide for the film crew and all associated costs, including pre-production, film permits, travel costs, post production/ editing, and marketing.

This project is truly by the people for the people. Join us in giving HOPE to millions of families!

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