We are a family resource center and counseling provider for families of prisoners and at-risk youth with incarcerated parents. We also provide counseling to pre-trial and post conviction offenders out on bond or bail. By providing stability, intervention and counseling to families impacted by the incarceration or pending incarceration of a loved one, we can effect the impact of mass incarceration on the community by reducing recidivism and the family cycle of incarceration.

Our Vision

Our vision is to guide families of prisoners and their children down a path that leads to complete wellness, which incorporates healthy bodies, emotional stability and quality of life to stop the generational cycle of incarceration and recidivism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assess the needs of and provide resources and relationship skills education to families who have a loved one in prison.

Our Strategy

Our program works in conjunction with a wide array of government, religious and secular nonprofit organizations to ensure we can connect our families with the appropriate solutions and alternatives to meet their needs.We also provide services in the areas of youth mentoring, relationship skills education and gang intervention for at risk/ high risk youth in various settings and facilities.

Our Philosophy

We believe individuals of all faiths, backgrounds, and worldview have the right to advocacy, counsel, support, and respect. Families and children of prisoners should not be punished or forgotten. We also recognize the victims affected by crime and violence and do not minimize the impact of crime and violence on them. We strongly believe that our program supports an end to the cycle of crime, violence and incarceration for the benefit of all who are touched by it.

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